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Lots of ideas for nature and sport lovers

 APR  2017

Are you crazy for nature and sport? Would you like to experience new activities, perhaps also with your children? Staying outdoors is always an excellent solution and a lot of fun for them.
In Finale Ligure, in the province of Savona, you will have an embarrassment of riches: mountain bike, horse riding, and speleology are just some of the sports that you can pick. Finale is indeed considered the capital city of outdoors in Liguria for the many activities offered, thanks to the natural characteristics of its territory: the sea, the rocks and the mountain, each of these elements is connected to more than one sport. Finale Ligure is perfect even if you want to take a nice stroll or relax on one of its many beaches.
The city has been for long appreciated by runners and mountain bikers; in fact, it is a leg of important competitions. It is also an excellent location for climbing: this territory is one of the largest areas karstic in Italy.
Let’s see which sports you can do. Even amateurs can try new experiences thanks to qualified instructors ready to teach you.

Water sports and beach sports

There is the classic beach volley. Since 1988, Finale Ligure features a number of well-equipped courts and hosts several competitions. To find out where they are, check this link: You will find all the details on the beach services.

Varigotti offers a windsurf center open all year, with courses also for children of 5 years or more. You can also hire sup tables (the table where you stand on and move with a paddle).
Still in Varigotti and in Finale, you can experience kayaking. There are sport associations that organize summer courses and excursions, also in winter. Kayaks can also be hired.
The same applies to sailing. As for the excursions, you can reach Noli or Varigotti, but also the Island of Gallinara. Do you want to spend a different night out, also with your children? Have a dinner of fresh fish on the ship, in the Bay of Noli.

To your children, who undoubtedly like to discover something new all the time, you can propose snorkeling, to observe the sea bottom. There’s no need for specific courses or expensive equipment. However, it is important that you follow experienced people when you go out at sea, like the biologists and snorkeling instructors of the educational project Salto nel Blu. Along the coast between Noli and Pietra Ligure, you can observe fossil beaches or rock beaches, which are geologic formations of high naturalistic interests.
Where there’s snorkeling there’s also diving. Way back in 1978, Finale Ligure already offered the Cycnus Diving Center. For those who hold a diving license, the center offers ships for transport; they leave from the harbor of Capo San Donato, where you will find all the equipment you need.

Windsurf, Finale Ligure

Ground sports

As we said before, in Finale you can practice trekking, running and trail. Just contact the local sport clubs.
If you want to do some trekking, you can ask various associations, for instance the Italian Alpine Club, for information on trails and organized excursions. You may also combine business with pleasure, following the archeological trails: The Finale Archeological Museum offers various itineraries that will take you to places where the Finale historical events took place. Your children will feel like explorers! To learn more, check the site

Finale is considered one of the most important locations at international level by bikers and has been the Italian “capital” of this sport since 1999, when it hosted an important rally and organized the first 24 Hours Finalese. The tracks run along hills and through woods, with a view on the sea. Beginners and children can count on instructors and synthetic tracks where they can train. You can bring your bikes, since there are fully equipped facilities; to learn more, read our piece

The Finale territory is considered a paradise also by climbers, thanks to the peculiar conformation of its rocks, characterized by holes and “drop-shaped” handholds and footholds. The first trails on the cliffs opened back in 1968. If you like the idea, the gym in Orco Feglino is perfect to begin with, and the artificial wall in Finalborgo is ideal to try out your skills. The climbing instructors are waiting for you, to organize excursions in the territory together.

The peculiar conformation of the rocks in this part of Liguria has also attracted many speleologists, because there are many natural caves; the most famous are those of the Mànie and l’Arma delle Mànie. If you want to pay them a visit, contact the Gruppo Speleologico Savonese, to ask for future excursions. It will be a wonderful experience for you and your children.
Now, this is something that your children will adore: mounting a horse! There are many ways to explore the territory riding one of these beautiful animals. You will take wonderful trips in the countryside, with a view on the sea. You can also ride on the beach in autumn and spring. There are many stables in the Finale territory, along with horse riding schools for grownups and children.

Caves, Finale Ligure

Air sports

The most daring ones may try paragliding and hang-gliding, taking off from the Mànie plateau and landing on the beach in Finale or Varigotti. The local sport club also offers tourist flights with double paragliders.

Paragliding over Finale Ligure

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