LiguriaTrekkingeXperience – Diano Marina [stage 7]

A trekking tour towards the top of Pizzo d’Ėvigno

 JUL  2019

Today we decide to visit Diano Marina for the seventh adventure of LiguriaTrekkingeXperience, a wonderful seaside village stretching along the Western Ligurian Riviera.
Besides the crystal sea waters and the nice clean beaches Diano Marina has another surprise for people coming here: a lush landscape rich in perfect routes for hiking lovers.
And now we are just discovering the great beauty of this land.

In the distance we see our destination: the top of the magnificent Pizzo d’Ėvigno, a  pyramid-shaped mount overlooking the little town.

So all that remains for us is starting to walk.

A trekking tour on Pizzo d’Ėvigno


By car

Unlike the other stages of LiguriaTrekkingeXperience, this time, after admiring Diano Marina’s waterfront, we get in the car to reach the starting point of the trail.



From the promenade we turn right following the signposts to Diano San Pietro, 3 km far from the coast.

After a while we pass over a bridge and we turn right. We go on towards the hamlet La Colla and we reach another bridge among some houses.
From here onwards we drive along the only present road climbing for about 6 km. The final 3 km, although paved, are usually used for shepherds still today as a secondary way.
When asphalt ends, we keep on driving for another 200 meters and we find a dirt open space suitable to park our car.
We are at 480 meters above sea level… ready to start our hiking trip.



Walking towards the summit

As we leave the parking, we take a large dirt road the shepherds are used to walking to lead their grazing animals.
In fact Pizzo d’Ėvigno is a steep grassy promontory: its large green fields are a perfect place for domesticated livestock.
Along our trip we often meet dairy cows, goats, sheep. We are particularly attracted by smart horses walking  around us.
Their silent presence together with the other animals keeps us company along our walking.



The slope of the trail is slow and the hike is pleasant and the landscape all around is charming: although the height is restricted, the view of the pastures and the rocks here and there, as well as a deep silence and a great peace everywhere, make us feel like walking in the high mountain.
With a difference: the sea is always present behind us like a faithful companion of our trekking trips in the Ligurian Riviera.



At the end of the dirt road, the path continues on the grass until we reach the pass La Colla where we enjoy a picturesque view above Valle Mérula and Valle Ėvigno. From here onwards the path becomes more difficult.

In fact we walk along an uphill path, punctuated by clearly visible red signposts (full red square). Across sloping grazing lands we arrive at the final part of the rocky and steep trail.



The final kilometer and a half is really tiring but all the sweat we expel is largely recompensed by an amazing view on the peak of Pizzo d’Ėvigno at an altitude of 988 above sea level.

The first thing attracting our eyes is an enormous trellised metal cross. A bit farther on a statue of the Virgin Mary looks towards Diano Marina.
As a long time ago a watchtower is likely to have been erected here, the promontory is also called “Monte Torre”.
Even if the presence of the tower is uncertain, the view we enjoy from this summit by the sea is sure and mesmerizing.

We can see Imperia, Diano Marina, S. Bartolomeo and Corsica in the distance. We are at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level but we feel like walking on the top of the world.


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