LiguriaTrekkingeXperience – Deiva Marina [Stage 8]

Walking from Deiva Marina to Framura

 AUG  2019

Here we are at the penultimate stage of our adventure along the Ligurian pathways. Today we are in the Eastern heartland to discover Deiva Marina and its hiking routes!

We face a part of the famous green and blue itinerary including a small detour to find new trails and heartbreaking views.

Our destination: the scenic harbour of Framura!

The path Deiva Marina – Framura

Deiva Marina is a Ligurian village stretching from its inland to the seaside.

And as usual we start our walk next to the sea.

Through the little streets in the center we head towards the bridge crossing the river Deiva. Past the bridge we see the signposts showing the starting point of the hiking walk near the former rail tunnel.

From here onwards we meet the hardest part of our trail.

Trekking from Deiva Marina to Framura

We go uphill along a steep path climbing the hill and across a lush wood of pine trees, oaks and strawberry trees.

Along our ascent we arrive at Monte Serro, through an unpaved and stunning road running the hill.

A great number of tall, green and perfumed maritime pines, one of the most common trees of the region, grows all around.

The path that leads from Deiva Marina to Framura

While strolling quiet on the dirt road, we reach a crossroad; we turn right and we take a paved road leading to the village of Setta, one of the five hamlets belonging to the Municipality of Framura. This little town is composed of five little villages, stretching along the steep Ligurian hinterland descending towards the seaside.

We are in Setta now, a mid coast village where the Municipality of Framura is located. The villages of Castagnola and Costa are above us. And how about under us? In a short time we walk there!

The sea seen from the hamlet of Setta

Meanwhile we stroll through the alleys of Setta until we reach the tall old aged Saracen Tower rising from the houses.
We stop at the drinking fountain in the village and we rest for a while in the shaded little square to gather strength again.
Then we start walking again.

From here onwards our pathway is all downhill. We go along large and long steps. The walking route is easy and comfortable, enabling us to enjoy the wonderful sea view as far as the eye can see.
Before arriving at the sea, we cross the village of Anzo where stands the neo-Ghotic Chapel of Nostra Signora della Neve. It is a pretty little church, decorated with a typical striped white and grey Ligurian motif.

Our descent terminates in a sudden staircase leading us to train station of Framura directly. Although we take 2-and-a-half hour to reach Framura from our starting point in Deiva, we still feel full of energy.

Before boarding the train to Deiva, we go discovering the last remaining part of Framura.
We walk along a magnificent walkway over the sea up to the rocks and two little hidden beaches. The waters of the sea around us are crystal clear.

The footbridge over the sea of Framura

What do we still miss now?  The tiny harbour of Framura, obviously!
Here, where time seems to stand still, we deeply breathe the real air of the Ligurian sea hamlets.

The enchanting little port of Framura

We notice a nice kiosk facing the sea. As we have some more minutes before catching the train, we stop for a good lunch.
Now we are ready to live a new adventure of LiguriaTrekkingeXperience!


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