LiguriaBikeXperience – Finale Ligure [stage 8]

The tour reaches Finale Ligure for its last stage!

 JUN  2018


We arrived at the last episode of LiguriaBikeXperience and the spot could only be Finale Ligure, one of the main European and world mountain biking destinations.
The sea, the conformation of the territory, the paths that from a thousand meters of altitude lead to the beach, good food and the passion that you breathe for this sport have made thousands of tourists fall in love.
For the last five years Finale Ligure has hosted the last race of the Enduro World Series.
Our guide Giacomo Dodino has raced all these races and will take us along some of the Enduro World Series special stages in three of the Finale’s main spots: the Nato Base, San Bernardino and Le Manie.

L’Enduro World Series and the “Finalese”

L’Enduro World Series and the

Giacomo Dodino, from his garage, tells us something more about the past editions of Enduro World Series of Finale Ligure, explaining how this competition has changed Finale.
“The last race of EWS is not just a normal race. The greatest riders in the world are tested on unique and challenging trails.
You have to be trained just to finish the race, but it is exciting to get in the middle of two wings of the crowd cheering for you, it is incredible and repays every effort!
Every year then we look for new paths and new spots, to make this event more and more spectacular.
In this way the Finale Ligure contexts have “widened”, because the paths have joined those of neighboring villages.
This “expansion” has benefited everyone, now the Finalese is a set of paths that goes from Noli to Mount Carmo where the trail descends to Pietra Ligure, Giustenice and Loano.
Let’s go for a ride on some of the best trails of past editions of the Enduro World Series! ”



Nato Base, Finale Ligure

It is a thousand meters high and from here there are many trails, some really funny and flow.
There are beech and chestnut woods. The Nato Base was the start of some of the Enduro World Series’s longest trails, with special stages over ten minutes long and eight hundred meters in altitude, reaching as far as Feglino.


The trails of San Bernardino

From San Bernardino some of the “most historical” trails of the Finalese start, it is a very popular area for those who love the Enduro and the All Mountain.
We rode the Dolmen Trail, the fourth stage of the last edition of the EWS.
This trail, despite the “decade” age, always gives emotions, with its rocky bottom now smoothed by the wheels of the MTB.


Le Manie, Dh Men

There is no Enduro World Series race that did not end with the DH Men descent!
This rocky path starts from the Manie plateau and descends steeply up to Varigotti.
Every time is surrounded by many fans. This is the most famous trail in the Finalese.
We tried to make you relive what you feel going down this trail and, if you are passionate about our series, we invite you to come and see yourself riders pass on the tracks of Finalese during the Enduro World Series on 29 and 30 September.

Here is the list of Borgio Verezzi and Pietra Ligure accommodations where you can stay: Borgio Verezzi and Pietra Ligure.

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