LiguriaBikeXperience – Deiva Marina [stage 2]

The second chapter of the LiguriaBikeXperience tour stops

 JAN  2018


The second chapter of the LiguriaBikeXperience tour stops at Deiva Marina, a small seaside village halfway between the famous Cinque Terre and Sestri Levante, in the eastern Liguria.
Here for years the mountain bike has been practiced, so much so that many important events and competitions have been hosted like the Italian Enduro championships and for many years Bike Shuttle tours have been organized starting from the Sestri Levante rocky trails to connect the Deiva Marina’s trails.

In Deiva Marina the tracks are natural, skillfully built and maintained by the local trail-builders and the BreakBike Sestri Levante association.
The territory has a lot of potential thanks to the mountains that gives the idea of being the perfect set for mountain biking and freeride.


The hinterland of Deiva Marina, for its characteristics, is excellent for Enduro mountain biking in all its forms.
There are about 10 trails, mostly downhill, distributed between Mount San Nicolao and Cima Stronzi (850 meters above sea level), along the Passo del Bracco and the hills near the sea, where trails run fast to the village or to the nearby Levanto and Moneglia.

You can start from Deiva Marina to make different kind of tours or for those who prefer downhill and freeride there is the alternative of Bike Shuttle tours.
You can also ride a modern E-Enduro (E-bike). This time the Bike Shuttle was chosen under the guidance of the experts of the BreakBike association.


Also in Deiva Marina the mountain bike trails are very different from each other, for terrain, vegetation and kind of riding.
Three different trails were then selected, which well represent all the trails of this area.




The Antenna area is located on the Stronzi’s top at 850 meters above sea level and it takes about 20 minutes of uphill with a van to reach the top.
From here several trails start and all of them are characterized by the typical vegetation of the Ligurian Alps, whose terrain consists of compact ground and roots.

The “RAI” trail is characterized by natural flow, the curves are well connected to each other and there is an “open” vegetation.
This trail allows riders to ride fast through the pines.


This trail starts from the village of Costa, in the municipality of Framura, one of the last ones in the province of La Spezia and it goes down to Deiva Marina.
The scenery is hilly, the vegetation becomes denser and the compact ground offers to the riders an excellent grip.




It is perhaps the most representative path of Deiva Marina. It is characterized by a sparse vegetation; the few trees always make visible the sea along the trail.
Here the trail-builders have managed to turn a largely rocky terrain into a very fun and flow track with drops and shores.

Route details

At the following link you will find our accommodation facilities where to stay in Deiva Marina:

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  • ciao, vorrei fare un giro in mtb dalle vs parti intorno a DeivaM.. Oggi 22/8/19 scendo a Zoagli fino al 3/4 settembre.
    Non trovo un numero di telefono per capire se posso avere supporto, un tour guidato o qualche mappa da recuperare o anche qualcuno con cui condividere i sentieri….
    lascio il mio cell 3292782143 Cristiano, aspetto un contatto. grazie


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