LiguriaBikeXperience – Borgio Verezzi [stage 1]

Discover the Liguria Bike routes: the adventure begins

 DEC  2017

After the introduction of what LiguriaBikeXperience is, here we are again to take you to the first location of our journey that is Borgio Verezzi.


As we already explained, Borgio Verezzi is the first because it is near to Finale Ligure, considered the Italian mecca of the MTB, but also because the trails of Verezzi have been the special stages of the famous Enduro World Series race for three years.

But let’s go straight into the details of this first adventure.


We opted for a “ring-like tour”, where are included three different amazing trails. The tour starts from the downtown of Borgio Verezzi and it goes on the upland of the village where are all the trails and it ends directly at the beach. The uphill sections are mostly paved roads and they have an average gradient of less than 9%. From all these roads you can enjoy an amazing sea view.



DURATION: 2 hours and 30 minutes (approximately)

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After a good breakfast in the apartment we leave for an Enduro Tour. It’s 8 o’clock and it’s a wonderful and sunny day.

We cross the downtown and then we take the panoramic climb that leads to Verezzi (about 5 km). In less than half an hour we are in the village of Bastia and from here the Bondi Trail starts and it crosses the whole upland of Verezzi.

After our first trail we start again to climb for 25 minutes until we reach the San Martino church where there is a beautiful sea view. Here we have a good coffee and a short break.

At this point we descend towards the wood of Verezzi to reach the track called X-Men, our second trail, which goes down along the Finale Ligure side and it ends directly in Finale Ligure. Once we finished this trail we take the Napoleonic road, it is a gravel road, but you can pedal and climb well anyway. In 30 minutes it takes us back to the San Martino church, from where the last trail called “Natura” starts. It descends steeply towards Borgio, first on a rocky section and then on a natural single-track trail, crossing the old downtown of Verezzi and coming out in front of our Pump Track.

We do a couple of laps and soon it gets dark so we move a few hundred meters and we go to the beach to enjoy a beautiful sunset.



It’s a very funny trail and it is known of being “complete” as a trail. In fact, it consists of raises, pedaled parts but also “Flow” parts as well and few drops however the rocky and hanging parts that can be found along the trail.

In 2015 the Bondi Trail was included among the special stages of the Enduro World Series of Finale Ligure.


It is a unique trail, adapted to be included in the Enduro World Series in October.

It is a typical Enduro track, in the central part there are series of hairpin bends and banks, while in the final part, after crossing the Napoleonic road (photo), you cross a technical and rocky “wall” which ends with a staircase that can only be ridden by the most experienced riders. In the last part of the trail there is an amazing sea view.


It starts from the church of San Martino and it goes through the old roads of Verezzi, passing through the central square and its “carruggi”, and then it starts a natural track. The trail then descends quickly to Borgio, where you cross the old town coming out right in front of the Pump Track.

This is a track to keep in mind, for the landscapes and the suggestive views it offers. Being careful you can also walk it.


It is located in an area of ​​over 2000 m², a few steps from the downtown of Borgio Verezzi and only 300 meters from the sea. It is the ideal place where children and adults can learn the basic techniques of MTB and train safely.

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At the following link you will find our accommodation facilities where to stay in Borgio Verezzi:

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