The most beautiful beaches of western Liguria

Beautiful clear sea, from Ventimiglia to Bergeggi

 JUN  2017

A few days ago we told you about the most beautiful beaches in East Liguria, at least in our opinion. If you have not read the article, you will find it here: link.
For the sake of completeness, this time we will try to rank the shores of the opposite side of the region. Also this time, it will be above all an overview of what Liguria offers, because tastes are absolutely personal.
Let’s get a bird’s eye view starting from the far eastern end, that is, from Ventimiglia.

Balzi Rossi

This beach is located almost on the border with the Côte d’Azur, in the locality of Grimaldi in Ventimiglia; you get there after having travelled along a dirt road. It is a beach made up of pebbles and rocks and, due to the particular shape of some of these, it is known as the beach of eggs. Emerald-green water, cliffs overlooking the sea and the reddish shades of the rocks are the characteristics of the beach. Balzi Rossi is also a very important archaeological area, with its caves that are rich in Paleolithic finds.

beach Balzi Rossi Ventimiglia


It is the beach of the village of the same name and it is the smallest beach in Italy only three hundred meters long. However, since 2001 it has been awarded the Blue Flag and a quote in the Legambiente Blue Guide. It is a free beach, supervised and well maintained. Near the mouth of the river Nervia, you will find a naturalistic oasis.

beach of Camporosso


In Bordighera are the beaches that have received the greatest number of Blue Flags of the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) for the quality of the beaches and bathing. The “Lungomare Argentina”, the Riviera’s longest seafront promenade with the “incomparable panorama” described by Edward and Margaret Berry; it is most suggestive: you can see the skyline profile of the buildings in Montecarlo and the promontory of Cap Ferrat.

beach of Bordighera

Diano Marina

A few minutes from Imperia, between Capo Berta and Capo Cervo, you will find Diano Marina, with its golden sandy beaches, palm trees, agaves and maritime pines. The sea is shallow, so it is the perfect place for your children. You can either stretch out on the sand or rent deckchairs or sun beds and umbrellas.

beach Diano Marina

Finale Ligure

This is the biggest beach in Liguria: a four-kilometer stretch of sand.
The small beach of Punta Crena is worth a visit; it is out of sight from the beaches that are visited the most; in fact, it is perfect for a moment of relaxation. It is surrounded by cliffs and the water is crystal clear. However, you can reach it only by sea on a mattress, in a canoe or pedal boat or by swimming to it. It is forbidden to go there by motorboat.

beach Finale Ligure


The Baia dei Saraceni, just outside Varigotti in the Malpasso area, is the most beautiful beach in the area and one of the most evocative in the entire region. The water is transparent, with Caribbean-like reflections, the sand is white and very fine, nature is all around it!

beach Varigotti


The coast of Noli is full of sandy beaches, which can be reached from the seafront promenade. One of the most beautiful is the fishermen’s beach.
In Capo Noli there are some quite unique beaches, surrounded by high rocks overlooking the sea. It is the place for you if you love snorkeling: you might come across mullets, white bream, ray’s breams and garfish.

Noli beach


The Bergeggi Nature Reserve is a true spectacle of nature. It includes an islet and a bay set aside as a protected marine area, where you can practice snorkeling and scuba diving.
The most fascinating beach in the Nature Reserve is the Lido delle Sirene, half free and half equipped. It is different from the others, because it is made of fine black gravel. It is a bit hidden inside a cove; you get there going down a few steps. The sea is crystal clear.

beach Bergeggi

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