The most beautiful beaches of eastern Liguria

Sand, cliffs, pebbles and crystal clear sea

 JUN  2017

Liguria is a land of the sea, this is well-known.
Contrary to what many people might think, there are many wide beaches, where children can play and have fun. Above all they are very beautiful, with the colour of the sea that goes from blue to turquoise.
It is difficult to rank these places, but we are going to try and suggest some of the most beautiful, starting from the Riviera di Levante.

This village of the Cinque Terre is the only one to have long beaches. The Fegina beach is the largest and also the most scenic, because of its crystalline light blue and blue water and its light-colored sand. In 2007, the American magazine Forbes also mentioned it. It can be reached on foot from the train station and is very close to the residential area.

Monterosso al Mare, beach

Palmaria Island

This is the island that faces Porto Venere. The beach in front of the Palazzata of the old village is Terrizzo. Given the light blue of its water and the shallow bottom it almost makes you think you are in Sardinia. There is a free part and a fully equipped one, with a restaurant-cafè.
On the other side of the island is the “Cala del Pozzale” beach, also known as the “Spiaggia dei Gabbiani” (the Beach of the Seagulls). It is a pebbly bay with well-polished stones, surrounded by white cliffs and pine forests. Here too there is a bar and a restaurant.
You can reach both by boats from Porto Venere.

Isola Palmaria, beach


A walk to the sea has recently been opened, which allows you to reach the most hidden beaches of this beautiful village (already one of the most beautiful villages in Italy), not far from the railway station. So you can walk down to the coves of Vallà and Arena, which is the largest in the municipality. They are both completely free. You will be amazed by them!

Framura, beach

Punta Corvo

This unique beach is one of its kind, thanks to its dark sand. Despite this, the sea is a beautiful green shade. It is located at the foot of Mount Caprione, on which the village of Montemarcello stands, within the municipality of Ameglia, in the province of La Spezia. It is worth visiting the beach, as until recently, access was forbidden for security reasons. It is now reachable again by boat, from the small ports of Bocca di Magra and Fiumaretta. You can also get to the beach via the pathways that go down to it from Montemarcello.

Punta Corvo, beach

Blue Bay

It is a small, but very pretty cove at the foot of a hill. It is located near the village of San Terenzo; there is a road turning off of the main road shortly before you get to the village. You can get there by car or by bus, even if there are few buses and you have to pay to park your car in any of the car parks there. The beach is wide and half of it is free of charge.

Baia Blu beach Lerici

Bay of Silence and Baia delle Favole (Bay of Fables)

Both of these beaches are located in Sestri Levante and share the same promontory (Punta Manara), each one occupying one side of it. Just beyond the beach are the colored houses of the town. Both beaches have the shape of a crescent, they are very large and the water has a beautiful blue color. The bottom is shallow; perfect for children.

Sestri Levante, beach Baia del Silenzio end Baia delle Favole

San Fruttuoso

The beach is located at the foot of a cliff, rich in vegetation, and it houses the ancient abbey of the Benedictine monks, now protected by the FAI (The National Trust for Italy). For this reason alone it is a special place, but the clearness of its water makes it unique. You can lie on the beach with your towel, or rent beach umbrellas and deck chairs. If you like scuba diving, remember to look for the “Christ of the Abysses”, a large bronze statue of Christ, placed in memory of those who died at sea and those who have dedicated their lives to the sea.
The bay can be reached by boat from Camogli, or by walking to it on the pathways.

San Fruttuoso of Camogli, beach


You certainly know it due to the crystalline, emerald color of its water. It is located between Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino. It is a beautiful cove, surrounded by lots of greenery; in the past, it was an ancient fishing village. It is one of the few sandy beaches on the Levante Riviera, so nothing better for the little ones.
We suggest you reach it by bus, from Portofino or from Santa Margherita Ligure, as there is only one parking lot and you have to pay to park there.

Paraggi Camogli Portofino, beach

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