Here are the beaches we have chosen for you and your family.

The best beaches, from Ponente to Levante, for families who want to come to the sea in Liguria

 JUL  2017

If you talk about Liguria you cannot but think of the sea.

This region has a lot to offer since the forms of its coastline vary from zone to zone: in the West there are large, sandy beaches, while in the East there are lots of cliffs and fewer large-size beaches.

Anyway, there are so many places to choose from that are perfect for your children to play around and frolic in the water. First of all because Liguria is the region that, for the fifth consecutive year, has been awarded the largest number of Blue Flags for the quality of its beaches – we had already mentioned this in a recent article (link) – , going from twenty-five to twenty-seven. Secondly, because there are also Green Flags in Liguria, that is to say beaches that are environmentally child-friendly, where unspoiled nature prevails in the neighboring areas, and which are perfect to meet their needs. The pediatricians certify them in this way; we are talking about Finale Ligure and Noli in the West, Lavagna and Lerici in the East. We can say they are beaches that are suitable for you, the parents: while your children are playing with the entertainers, you are free to sunbathe and relax.

Here are the beaches we have chosen for you and your family.

Beaches in the West

Diano Marina

Here, your children have a lot of space available, since the beach is three kilometers long and the water is shallow. Besides the sand, seaside resorts await you and your children, as well as playgrounds on the boardwalk and various activities designed just for them.

Finale Ligure

The beach at Finale Ligure is a Blue flag beach, which means clean sea, and also a Green flag too, so nothing better for families. Even here there is plenty of space: more than four kilometers of sandy beaches and so many seaside resorts, equipped with swimming pools with slides, playgrounds with inflatables and swimming lessons for children.

Finale Ligure spiaggia


Double flag also for this resort on the Riviera delle Palme, characterized by large sandy dunes, equipped with children’s playgrounds and bathrooms, where they can take courses and do group activities. If you wish to take a walk around the village, you will find houses and towers of medieval origin.

Celle Ligure

The beaches at Celle Ligure, once again this year, are Blue Flag, which means a clean sea and well equipped seaside resorts. Swimming pools, playgrounds and swimming lessons are available for kids.


Loano, with its more than two kilometers of sand mixed with gravel, is also a Blue Flag. For your kids there are:  playgrounds, nurseries, baby-sitter service, bike rentals and sports lessons.

Beaches in the East


Both a Blue Flag and a Green one wave along the beach at Lavagna. Here pebbles alternate with sand, for four kilometers; it is the largest beach in the East. Of course, there are so many seaside resorts, well equipped for children’s needs. If your children are young cyclists, you can take them for to cycle along the waterside.


Also in Chiavari you will find Blue Flag seas, beaches and first-class services; moreover, there are playgrounds and swimming pools for the joy of the youngsters.

Sestri Levante

Sestri Levante is famous for its spectacular beaches, the Bay of Silence and the Fairy-Tale Bay which are on the two sides of the same promontory. They are two large sandy beaches, with crystal-clear water, where the kids can move around and play in complete freedom.

The Fairy-Tale Bay gets its name from Hans Christian Andersen; in fact, every year, in September, the famous Andersen Festival takes place, an event dedicated to fairy tales and to children.

Sestri Levante


Also this small village on the far eastern end of the province of Genoa has had a Blue Flag continuously from 1990 until today. Its long sandy stretch of beach has numerous seaside resorts,  well-equipped for children.


Here is the last place with a Blue and Green Flag on the Eastern Riviera. Here, in the hamlet called San Lorenzo, there is a large golden sandy beach, with a shallow seabed, which is perfect for children. It is also well-equipped, so you can be comfortable with sun loungers and beach umbrellas. It is child-proof and maybe Venere Azzurra is the most beautiful beach, towards Lerici.

Another excellent possibility for taking the children to the sea in Lerici is to go to the Blue Bay, a beautiful inlet with a large sandy and stony beach. Half of it is a free beach, the other half is run by a well-organized seaside resort, with a restaurant, two swimming pools and animation for very small children.

Venere Azzurra Lerici

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