Where to go surfing in Liguria

Beaches and events not to be missed!

 AUG  2017

Do you surf? Would you like to start doing that? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place then, because there are lots of beaches in Liguria – “spots” as the experts call them, namely the places where the best waves are formed – where you can enjoy yourself on a surfboard.

The reputation of this region has grown a lot in recent years, thanks to places like Varazze, Recco and Levante, even though its coast is mainly rocky. In fact, there are many places where the waves three or four meters high are formed, a real godsend for surfers. That’s because of the southwesterly, northwesterly and southeasterly winds that blow over the region. Liguria has also been a place for important competitions, such as the Quicksilver big wave invitational and the Salomon Blue Games.

The best time of the year for surfing is the cold season, but often, during the summer swells you can get good waves to ride.

The spots in Liguria are for all levels and, for people who have never set foot on a surfboard, there are surfing schools. Themed events are also planned every year, during which fans and professionals come together; they are real parties by the sea.

Following are some of the beaches that are most suitable for surfing, from West to East.



Le Calandre

It is located in Ventimiglia, in Ventimiglia Alta. If you want to arrive at the beach you have to go along a path. There are neither lifeguards nor emergency vehicles, so you have to be very careful; in fact, Le Calandre is considered an area for expert surfers.


We are in the province of Savona. It is an excellent place for all levels of surfers. The spot is located on the left-hand side of the beach looking at the sea, the best waves come from the south-west. In summertime, the beach is very crowded and the sea is calm, so it is better go there in Autumn.


The hamlet is already famous for its very good Focaccia al formaggio and for its award-winning water polo team. In addition to these two characteristics there is surfing which can be practiced right on the beach. Once you put away your surfboard, there is nothing better than a piece of the typical local focaccia to regain your strength.


This is one of the places where Italian surfing “was born”, in the eighties. The spot is in front of the leisure port, while the line-up, the area where you position yourself in order to ride the wave, is in line with the cusp of the small harbor. For beginners there is a surfing school.


The Gulf of Levanto is large and is characterized by the presence of various types of seabeds (sandy, mixed and rocky), that make waves of different types and sizes. And not by chance do the fans of this sport call Levanto “the big wave spot”, because the waves can reach a height of even three meters. This is why this small village was chosen to host the Quicksilver big wave invitational in 2000 and in 2001 as well as the Salomon Blue Games in 2005, bringing about a real surfing movement.

The spots are: the Pietra, the Casinò, Pipetta, Nadia and the Gritta.


This corner of the Gulf of Poets is getting very popular with surfers, especially during the winter, thanks to the heavy sea created by the southwesterly winds. The best spots are opposite the castle and in the Venere Azzurra inlet.

Events dedicated to surfing

The Recco Surfestival is the longest-lasting event; the first edition was held in 2013; this year it was held during the month of May. It is an event that is dedicated to the world of surfing, intended both as a sport and as an occasion to relax and have fun. The professional surfers compete and the beginners can take free lessons and look around at the surfboards on display. The festival continues on into the evening, with the festival on the beach in California style.

There is also an area dedicated to skateboarding, where the experts perform, but they also give free lessons.

Green Surf Festival

It was recently held at Noli; this was the first completely eco-friendly surfing event. The aim of the event was to create an awareness of respect for the environment and for an active lifestyle. In fact, the Green Surf Festival was the first in Europe to receive the certification Deep Blue Event – a sustainable and ocean-friendly event – created by Sustainable Surf and awarded only to a few events. There were stands of eco-compatible products, such as surfboards made from recycled material and food grown organically and with zero food miles. Of course, it was also a wonderful occasion to practice sport and have fun.

See you next summer for another edition!

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